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07/01/2021De Muziekdoos: playlist en podcast 07.01.2020

Is☼lati☼n 43: we lache en schrieuwe ☼ngs deur den dr☼aj…

Crying & Laughing @ the Same Time

(pic: 11*k*)

(geb☼tteld 04.01.2020)


Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Sky Is Crying
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Who’ll Stop The Rain
Jacques Mees – Cracks On The Ice
The Low Countries - Low Country
Van Esbroeck, Masondo & Sexteto Tango Al Sur – Lied Van Welk Verdriet
Pé & De Medeklinkers – Diamanten in de Mijn
Tom Waits & Kronos Quartet - Diamond In Your Mind
Olsen and Johnson – The Whole World Is Laughing At Me
Regina Spektor – Laughing With
Frank leest “Tonight I broke down” by Orit Shimoni
Orit Shimoni – It’s a long wait
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Mary
Dance Monkey Dance! – Don’t Dig Up My Graveyard, Pills and Potions
Sean Noonan Rhythmic Storyteller - Wrinkles of Time
Guido Belcanto – De Man Die Niet Kon Wenen
Solomon Burke - Cry To Me
Jan Rot – De Koning Huilt
Herman Van Veen - Een vriend zien huilen
Freddy Fender - Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Jules de Corte – Nieuwjaar
Gert – Blijven Lachen
Louis Armstrong – When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
Toots Thielemans – Circle Of Smiles
Billie Holiday - Laughing At Life
Leon Redbone – Laughin Blues
George W. Johnson – The Laughing Song
Al Jarreau – Take Five
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile
Chicago – Make Me Smile
Zita Swoon Group – Give-Smile-Take-Smile

Tonight I broke down
And you know what?
I was mourning
I was grieving
I was bitter
I was pacing
I was shouting -
This is a nightmare
This is dystopia
I can't even imagine
The other side -
I tried out some singing
And my voice was so tired
Trying to remember
How to sing
When it used to just know
And I said, I have lost it
I'm no longer that person
And I said it through tears
I could not describe it
The way I was feeling
If I was just empty
Or filled up with fears
I said I would give anything
To get the fuck outta here
Go see my friends
Go see my friends
In a room full of people
God, a room full of people
Just a room full of people
And then I went outside
And stared at the snow
The perfect manifestation
Of how everything is
I know it's alright here
I know there is beauty
But that isn't the point,
No, that isn't the point
And then I started laughing
Though my insides were hurting
And I was still crying,
But I was laughing too
Because I suddenly realised
If I'm this upset
About not being that person,
Then I must be that person
Or it wouldn't be hurting
And I was so glad then,
For all of that pain
Because I am that person
And I will be again
And I remembered an old man
Outside of an old bar
said when you are laughing
And crying at the same time
That's when you know
You've hit on the truth
God, I miss old bars
With wise drunken old men
But I am that person
I will find them again.

(Orit Shimoni)

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